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Ageing in harmony: why the third act of life should be musical

Playing music is good for people at all stages in their lives – including the elderly. Jeremy Brooks, ...

Ladies. Good cholesterol is good for your brain.

Good Cholesterol Can Positively Impact Women's Brain Health Statistics bear out the folk wisdom that women live longer ...

Dealing with dementia. Everything you need to know [Infographic].

Please include attribution to encorecarehomes.co.uk with this graphic.

Can you prevent memory loss and brain ageing?

Here I take a look at some of the evidence linking education and occupation with better cognitive function ...

Green time for your brain

With thanks to www.uksmobility.co.uk for this graphic.

Is brain fog during menopause real?

Women going through menopause often report memory problems or ‘brain fog’, alongside other symptoms. In this blog I take ...

Increasing Brain Potential ‘The Exchange’ TV show

  https://youtu.be/QReEE2t-4TY The Exchange TV says their show is a little is like meeting with your friends in ...

Gut-Brain Health – What Neuroscientists Are Calling “A Paradigm Shift”

The trillions of microbes that inhabit your body are collectively called the microbiome. They outnumber your own cells ten ...
Global impact statistics dementia Alzheimer's disease info graphic

Global impact of dementia 2013-2050 [infographic]

Infographic thanks to Alzheimer's Disease International (2013) .
chemo brain chemotherapy

Is ‘chemo brain’ real?

'Chemo brain' and cognitive decline after cancer - is it real? Cancer and its treatments cause a variety ...

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9 Daily Habits of Highly Healthy Brains

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