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The coffee drinker’s guide to better brain health

Two early-morning long blacks. A lunchtime flat white (especially if I'm near a cafe). And sometimes a sneaky ...

This is your brain on knitting

I'm super excited to share this new art-science initiative that I've helped get up and running here in ...
Scientist balance career family

Neuroscientist discovers global gene pool needs smart women to have babies

Meet Dr Radha Nair-Roberts, postdoctoral researcher at the Brain Repair Group at the School of Biosciences, Cardiff University, ...
Grandpa Joe centenarian blue zones lessons

How to become a centenarian – 9 lessons from the people who’ve lived the longest.

Late last year in my Meet the Neuroscientists interview series, I spoke to Charlene Levitan who studies centenarians ...
Dr Charlene Levitan longevity Sydney Centenarian Study

Uncovering the secrets to successful ageing with Dr Charlene Levitan

Dr Charlene Levitan from the University of New South Wales heads the Sydney Centenarian Study. She studies that ...
Brain bank claire shepherd

Would you donate your brain? Interview with brain bank manager, Dr Claire Shepherd

Meet the lovely Dr Claire Shepherd, neuroscientist and Manager of the Sydney Brain Bank. I first met Claire ...
berry grape resveratrol memory loss

Can berries, grapes and red wine prevent memory loss?

Last week I wrote about why berries may not be the brain-boosting super food we've all been lead ...
berry brain health superfood myth

Why berries may not be a brain-boosting super food (part 1)

Early October and the mulberry tree over my back fence is laden down with fruit.  I picked three ...
Who is at risk from dementia?

Who is most at risk of dementia?

I'm having a busy week writing  information booklets for the friends and family of people with schizophrenia.  I've ...

Dementia vs Alzheimer’s disease – what is the difference?

Dementia and Alzheimer's disease are terms almost everyone has heard about, but do we really understand what the ...

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