a. TV Appearances and Interviews

In Australia, one in 40 of us born today will live until we are 100, yet many of us will live our later years in poor health. In my ABC Catalyst documentary, I explore the extraordinary new science about how to keep our brains healthy into old age.

Watch ‘Staying Longer for Longer: Brain

Australians catch up via ABC iView. Outside Australia? You can watch a version here.

I met Silicon Valley ‘bio-hacker’ Eric Matzner who believes he’ll live forever (or die trying!)

I also visited Buck Institute scientists who are exploring the science of senolytics (watch to learn what they are!)

And I conducted a ‘social experiment’ to reduce loneliness in an aged care home by creating a resident’s choir.


How can we keep our brains healthy into old age?


And there was that time I became a ‘Frozen’ GIF !!

Mums At The Table. A chat about The Women’s Brain Book.

Is your health all in your head? SBS Insight special on placebo effects.

SBS view and transcript. 2016.


Increasing Brain Potential. The Exchange TV.

That time I tried to explain consciousness during an elevator ride

c. Expert Neuroscience Commentary

I’m an increasingly influential commentator on neuroscience, brain health and mental wellbeing. Here are a few of the many pieces I’ve been interviewed for:

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d. Articles

Between 2014 and 2016 I wrote over 40 articles on the mind, brain, neuroscience, psychology and everything in between for the ABC‘s brain training program Active Memory. Active Memory was part of a research project into online brain training, but the project is now completed. Sadly the site is retired and blogs are being republished here.

Previous writing and consulting clients include: