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The myth of multi-tasking.

Paying attention to the statistics A few years ago, I was invited to speak to a group of ...
motherhood nature nurture

Motherhood: hardwired or learned?

The age-old nature versus nurture debate is alive and kicking in the world of pregnancy and parenting. Is ...

This is your brain on placebo effects

Visiting the doctor for a sore back often leads to instant relief after taking a prescribed pill, but ...
two women dual EEG brain-to-brain synchrony while playing chess

Brain-to-Brain Synchrony: How Neuroscience Decodes Trust, Rapport and Attachment

Because we’re social creatures, we tend to synchronise our actions and emotions (or at least the ones we ...
flow state prefrontal cortex attention cognitive control

How to go with the flow.

Whitewater kayakers and musicians experience it. So do video gamers, rock climbers, and experienced meditators. If you've ever ...

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