We offer professional development courses in

applied neuroscience


We help professionals understand neuroscience and consider its application to their work through online courses, workshops and live events.

Neuroscience is complex. But it should not be exclusive …

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The Neuroscience Academy Dark

A 12-week professional development online program in Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health.  Sep-Dec 2023.

A 12-week professional development online program in Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health.

Internationally acclaimed, this online course is designed to equip professionals who find joy in the pursuit of knowledge with a robust and useful foundation in brain science.

Graduates include coaching professionals, psychologists, educators and teachers, mental health and social workers, managers and leaders, personal trainers, mindfulness practitioners, neurofeedback providers and teachers.

They’re smart, savvy, curious people with a sincere desire to help their clients, patients or students and make positive change in the world.

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The Brain Coach Bootcamp Dark

Two-week intensive online training in Applied Neuroscience & Brain Health. 24 July —4 August, 2023.

A foundational course in applied neuroscience for time-poor professionals working in the fields of human behaviour, mental health, education & wellbeing.

The Brain Coach Bootcamp curriculum, certification and lifetime membership options are identical to those offered by the 12-week Neuroscience Academy program, but is taught over two intensive weeks (link to details here).

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The neuroscience Self Study

A foundational course in applied neuroscience for professionals working in the fields of human behaviour, mental health and wellbeing.

Study online at your own pace from anywhere in the world.

Access Neuroscience Academy core content including 17 video lessons + summary notes + worksheets + hand-picked resource library.

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In Her Head dark

Online professional training for coaches and therapists in the nature, nurture and neuroplasticity of the female brain. July 5—9 & Oct 23-27, 2023). 

Improve and broaden your knowledge and competence in women's brain health and neurobiology.

IHH is a continuing professional development training created for coaches, therapists, and mental health and wellbeing practitioners who work with girls and women.

Students learn through a mix of short video lectures, reading, class discussion and homework tasks.

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Neuroscience Coaching Network Logo-Black

Our purpose is to develop neuroscience-informed coaching tools & practice through education, collaboration & community. February 2024.

The Neuroscience Coaching Network (NCN) is an online professional training program and global community.

Created for new, experienced and certified coaches with a genuine interest in applying brain science to their practice.

Designed to encourage conversations and collaboration between the coaching and neuroscience communities. Learn about neuroscience from neuroscientists!

Free Neuroscience Training

for Coaches, Therapists, Educators, Health & Wellness Professionals.

This 10-day masterclass gives you practical guidance and professional-level tuition in brain science basics. You’ll learn:

  • What neuroplasticity IS (and isn’t) and how it underpins development and change
  • How life experiences sculpt the brain
  • Why visualisation is the same to the brain as the real experience
  • How emotions shape our memories (and why most memories are imperfect)
  • How understanding even a little neuroscience can foster big mindset shifts
  • Why warm caring relationships are the foundation for change
  • What a Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist had to say about the potential of psychotherapy

I want to thank you for the gentleness with which you nurture your students, and for the excitement you create for neuroscience and its opportunities.

Anthony Haywood
Dean at St Joseph's College in Brisbane

Sarah is like a personal shopper for neuroscience: she finds the most relevant, current, credible research regarding the brain and the coach approach and presents it to you in a way that you can actually utilise with clients.

Kathleen Buchanan
Wellness Coach and Yoga Teacher