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Online training for professionals in the nature, nurture and neuroplasticity of the female brain.

Five-day training: TBC 2024.

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Improve and broaden your knowledge and competence in women's brain health and neurobiology.

IHH is a continuing professional development training created for coaches, therapists, and mental health and well-being practitioners who work with girls and women.

Students learn through a mix of short audio podcast-style lectures, reading, daily class discussion and homework tasks.

IHH strongly focuses on group discussions to consolidate learning and share tools, strategies and knowledge.

IHH is by women, for women, and about women.

Options to pay in AUD or via payment plan can be found by scrolling down to the FAQs section.

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a. Five-day training: June 3-7, 2024.

In Her Head provides an overview of female brain development and ageing in sequence including: in utero, childhood, puberty, pregnancy, menopause and old age.

Students will consider questions such as:

++ How does in-utero or early childhood trauma affect adult relationships?

++ Do expectations of gender really matter?

++ Why are girls and women more vulnerable to stress, anxiety and depression than boys and men?

++ How do ovarian hormones affect brain functions such as cognition and emotion?

++ Why are puberty, pregnancy and menopause 'windows of vulnerability' in women's lives.

++ What causes brain fog during menopause? And does HRT help or hinder brain ageing?

++ What lifestyle approaches nurture and protect brain health?

We maintain a strong focus on the development of health communication skills and the formulation of a 'shared language' for communicating neuroscience — an essential but often overlooked component of professional development training.

Each lesson focuses on concepts covered in The Women's Brain Book: the Neuroscience of Health, Hormones and Happiness.

There are two daily live calls (to include all global timezones). To keep up-to-date, all live Zoom group calls include discussion of newly published research.

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Payment plan and AUD options  can be found by scrolling down to the FAQs section.

How is training delivered online?

Like many online courses, each lesson includes a short audio lecture, reading, worksheets, and a live class discussion held daily via Zoom.

Unlike most online courses, each lesson is delivered via audio (so you can learn anywhere, anytime, podcast-style). Our major focus is on live class conversations and sharing experiences and insights.

IHH culminates in a (voluntary) student presentation on a topic of interest chosen from the curriculum.

Making learning fun.

With her trademark wry sense of humour, Sarah highlights key concepts, recommended implementation tasks and answers to your many questions.

Each lesson begins with a pre-recorded short 'fireside chat' (yes there is a real fireplace involved).  You'll also hear about a few intriguing behind-the-scenes conversations with scientists, doctors and and women's health experts.

For women, by women, about women.

In Her Head is created as a professional development program — for people who work with women, or who seek to understand their own life journey through the lens of neurobiology.

Previously open to Neuroscience Academy alumni only, IHH is now open to anyone curious to learn more about the female brain.

Certificate & Professional Development Hours

Students will graduate with a certificate of completion + 17 hours CPD/CCE (ICF accredited).


a. Who is Dr Sarah McKay?

I'm the Director of The Neuroscience Academy, which has transformed the professional lives of over 2000 people since digital doors opened in 2015.

The Neuroscience Academy and sister programs are created to provide continuing education and training to professionals who understand using neuroscience in their work can be a powerful tool for human change.

IHH has been created to share the key neuroscience concepts about the nature and nurture of the female brain and women's health.

IHH takes the best of The Neuroscience Academy but drops the long hours of video lessons to create an enjoyable, practical and lean course that will take your brain science education to the next level.

b. Do I need a copy of The Women's Brain Book?


And I'm probably the best person to assist with getting you a copy 🙂

It is course requirement to have a copy of The Women's Brain Book (aka Demystifying the Female Brain), however, print, ebook or PDF versions are all suitable.

Click here for links to bookstores, or you'll be emailed your a PDF copy upon enrolment.


In Her Head: the nature, nurture and neurobiology of the female brain.

We'll explore how our lives shape our brains, and our brains shape our lives.

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Options to pay in AUD or via payment plan can be found by scrolling down to the FAQs section.

I signed up to In Her Head after reading Sarah's book. I wanted to further understand women's brain health and neurobiology as this is something that is generally not spoken about in conventional medical training - to the detriment of our female patients. Even if you don't work within healthcare, it's a fascinating journey to learn more about yourself or the women in your life.

Dr Hazel Wallace BSc MSc MBBCh
Medical Doctor, Nutritionist & Host of The Food Medic Podcast

What a wonderful and insightful course. I found the content fascinating, interesting and relevant. I found Sarah to be a wealth of knowledge but also very engaging, approachable and amusing!  What a delight to have a group of like-minded individuals to learn with from all over the world. Fantastic investment, and I have used the knowledge I’ve gained daily.

Petra Joly
Chinese Medicine Women’s Health Practitioner

After Sarah’s first program, The Neuroscience Academy, I learned so much I started a new business ‘The Best is Yet to Come’ offering workshops on mindset shifts, health and well-being for older women. When Sarah offered ‘In Her Head’, I naturally jumped at the opportunity to focus in more depth on the female brain. I learnt so much about my own brain I wish I’d known years ago! I loved talking to women all over the world about our experiences of navigating the stages of life and having the chance to dig deeper with Sarah on our weekly calls. Since the pandemic, I’ve had to cancel my workshops so I’m now writing my own book about women growing older. Thanks, Sarah, for being such an inspiration and an exceptional guide to all things neuroscience.

Kay Hannaford
Mentor & Coach

Having completed Sarah’s Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health Course earlier in the year and getting so much from it, I did not think twice about enrolling in the In Her Head course.  I was not disappointed!  The course follows through the material from Sarah’s book and takes the research understanding and discussions around it much deeper.  The style of the In Her Head course is perhaps a little less formal and more relaxed than The Neuroscience Academy’s main program, but the depth of the materials and the knowledge gained is just as impressive.  The learning achieved on this course is benefitting my personal and professional life. Highly recommended!

Helen Barnes
Life Coach

Dr Sarah McKay has created a wonderfully clear course on what it means to be a female, from the perspective of a neuroscientist.  With equal parts neuroscience, hormones and psychology, the course, along with the companion book, The Women’s Brain Book, tackles topics that should interest all females and those that interact with them.  Sarah style of teaching and writing makes the material accessible to the lay person, but its content addresses recent important findings in relevant areas of neuroscience.  It opened my mind to important new, as well as some old, ideas.   I highly recommend it.

Louise White
Melbourne, Australia

Taking part of the neuroscience in her head course frightened me but excited me too. The knowledge Sarah has is incredible and the way she breaks information down into understandable segments is golden. The course has helped me beyond what I expected and I am now able to implement these learnings to help enhance the lives and health of my clients. I absolutely love the approachable manner Sarah has, no question is silly and she allows you to learn science of the brain with ease.

Alison Stockton
Health & Wellness Lifestyle Coach

The course In Her Head felt like streamlined access to the wealth of Sarah’s wisdom, knowledge, insights and expertise. Not only have these new learnings enhanced my own life, but I feel better placed to support those I work with and care for. As a coach supporting mothers navigating career and care, many principles I work with were explained through the lens of neuroscience. Having completed the course, I believe anyone working to support others can only benefit from acquiring a deeper and more thorough understanding of the magnificent human brain, Sarah makes the process simple and super fun. 

Gabrielle Gleeson
Career & Business Coach

One of the things I was most impressed with throughout the course was Sarah's teaching and writing style.  Neuroscience is full of technical terms which i found a little scary at first, but Sarah has a wonderful way of communicating all of that information in plain English, in a way that I was able to understand.  The teaching style was such that we learnt the same information in three different ways, through reading, videos and conversation, making sure we consolidated what we'd learnt.  

The Zoom classroom sessions were very interesting too, I loved listening to the other women's experiences, many of whom work with women and girls in a number of ways and were able to readily contextualise the information into their own profession.  I was worried I would find these sessions a little daunting and intimidating however Sarah's style of encouraging participation made me feel at ease quite quickly.

Colleen Pearson
HR Consultant

Being a former lawyer with a critical mind, I am always a little sceptical when people “teach” neuroscience when they are not themselves neuroscientists. With Sarah, I felt guided in the complex world of neuroscience that is full of debates and controversy. Sarah was our trusted guide, very knowledgeable of course, and very engaging in her writings, videos and live discussions. She’s very personable and real. Moreover, unlike other scientists/experts, Sarah can explain neuroscience in a way that we can relate to. I love the examples and stories she tells to bring the point across. The stories stick, so the learning sticks. 

I feel empowered and equipped to apply more neuroscience to my coaching and I now speak more confidently on neuroscience having done the course. Also, the course has helped to debunk a lot of myths about the differences in the brain between male and female, and this contributes greatly to my work in Diversity and Inclusion.

Joanna Chin
Executive Coach, Hong Kong SAR


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