The Applied Brain Science Toolkit

Discover and learn to use neuroscience wisely.

Dazzled by the potential of applied neuroscience?

Use these hand-picked tools & strategies get a head-start on using brain science in your work.

Curious about the mind & brain?

Are you confused by where to go to learn evidence-based info about the brain and nervous system?

Convinced of the potential of neuroscience?

Neuroscience can be a seductive and powerful tool for change. You'll learn how to use brain science (wisely!).

Looking for ways to help the people struggling with change??

Help your clients, flourish, reach goals, and take steps towards living healthy and fulfilling lives.

a. Practical Tools

Education has a role in emotional and behavioural change. So to begin, you’ll learn my super-simple model to explain how the mind and brain works.


b.Complex ideas made simple

Consider how the latest findings in sleep, exercise, gut-brain health, mindfulness, brain ageing, stress, and nutrition will support your current practice.

c. Brain science that matters to people

Get clear on how your clients think, feel and behave. Gain unique insights into emotion, attention, habit change, motivation, resilience, mindfulness, and self-belief.


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The Applied Brain Science Toolkit

This toolkit is designed EXCLUSIVELY for professionals working in
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