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Wendy Suzuki Healthy Brain Happy Life Book Club

Healthy Brain, Happy Life – June Walking Book Club

Healthy Brain, Happy Life - June Walking Book Club I'm obsessed with podcasts and listen to numerous episodes ...

The colour of music

Vanessa Wamsley is a journalist who writes science, nature and education stories. After years of misunderstanding science, she brings ...

Free e-course – Principles of Neuroscience Masterclass

Health or wellness professional or coach?  This neuroscience Masterclass is for YOU! What has the brain got to ...
before I die top regrets of the dying

Why facing death makes us want to live

  This weeks fabulous and thought-provoking guest blog post comes from Mandy Hu (aka Xian Hu) who studied Neurobiology at the ...

Not all scientific studies are created equal

Daily we're bombarded by attention grabbing headlines that promise miracle cures to all of our ailments -- often ...
intermittent fasting brain health ageing

Does fasting improve mental acuity and help you live longer?

Todays guest blog post comes from Dr Devika Garg, a fresh PhD in neurosciences from the National University ...
therapy brain neuroscience

This is your brain on therapy

Dr. Dan Metevier is a psychologist from Carlsbad, California. He works with a variety of clients and helps ...

Imagine the human brain was the size of the earth … [infographic]

› With BIG thanks to EyeWire and Visually.  
How memory works forgetting and improvement inforgraphic

The neuroscience of how your memory works and how to improve it [infographic]

Our memories give us our sense of self and make us who we are. Here's a look at ...
Left Neglected Book Club Lisa Genova

May Walking Book Club – Left Neglected by Lisa Genova

I think enough time has gone by to introduce another Lisa Genova book, right?  We read Still Alice ...

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The 9 Habits of Highly Healthy Brains

Backed by neuroscience. Tested by neuroscientists.