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[infographic] 25 essential apps for a healthy body and mind

We all carry our phones around with us 24/7. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sitting in your pocket ...

8 ways to encourage a growth mindset in kids.

Of all the topics I've written about over the years, how to foster a growth mindset in our ...

Imagine the human brain was the size of the earth … [infographic]

› With BIG thanks to EyeWire and Visually.  
How memory works forgetting and improvement inforgraphic

The neuroscience of how your memory works and how to improve it [infographic]

Our memories give us our sense of self and make us who we are. Here's a look at ...
brain neuroscience chronic pain info graphic

The neuroscience of how chronic pain rewires your brain [infographic]

from Thanks to totalinjury.com for this informative infographic
brain exercise happiness mood neurotransmitter hormone [infographic]

The neuroscience of how exercise makes you happy [infographic]

Thanks to HealthCentral for this lovely infographic.  

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9 Daily Habits of Highly Healthy Brains

Learn how to use neuroscience in your everyday life.