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The uncertain brain. A guide to facing the fear of the unknown.

“…in these uncertain and unprecedented times…” How often have you heard or read this phrase recently? How long ...

The creative-right vs analytical-left brain myth: debunked!

I’m a neuroscientist by trade. Popular culture would most likely label me 'logical, detail-oriented and analytical' (which I ...

Three facts about teenage brains all neuroscientists agree on.

The three facts about the teenage brain scholars can agree on 1. Brain structures continue to change between ...

10 science-based steps to reduce your risk of dementia

By Dr Kate Gregorevic, Geriatrician, Writer and Founder of Projet ThreeSixFive. Dementia has now overtaken cancer as the ...

Your life’s purpose. Why finding your passion is essential to maintaining brain health.

I've been writing this brain health blog since 2013, and it has changed my life and my career ...

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9 Daily Habits of Highly Healthy Brains

Learn how to use neuroscience in your everyday life.