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Growing resilient children. 10 neuroscience facts all parents and teachers should know.

By Mariana Rickmann PhD. What do parents who also happen to be scientists (like me) do when faced with ...
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7 principles of neuroscience every coach and therapist should know

What does neuroscience have to do with coaching and therapy? Short answer: it can provide a unique lens ...

How to break bad habits using neuroscience

What are habits? Your brain is fundamentally lazy. When it can, it wires thoughts, emotions, or behaviours into ...

Can you think yourself into a different person?

  We used to believe our brains couldn’t be changed. Now we believe they can – if we ...

8 ways to encourage a growth mindset in kids.

Of all the topics I've written about over the years, how to foster a growth mindset in our ...
Matt Grubb Kings London axon initial segment

Development of the electric brain. Interview with my favourite neuroscientist Dr Matt Grubb

Meet Dr Matt Grubb. He's one of my all-time favourite neuroscientists. Matt and I met in Oxford. We ...
Nature nurture neuroplasticity research Huntington's disease

Using neuroplasticity to overcome your hardwired genetic code

The following piece was written for The Conversation by Tony Hannan, one of the neuroscientists I've profiled in ...
Professor Tony Hannan neuroplasticity nature nurture

Nurture over nature? Interview with neuroplasticity researcher Tony Hannan

Neuroplasticity research shows we have the ability to slow the onset of even fatal inherited disorders such as ...

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