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John Medina Brain Rules Walking Book Club

The return of the Walking Book Club

Lets kick this Walking Book Club off again!!

Why walk and talk? ….

The human brain became the most powerful in the world under conditions where motion was a constant presence. Our fancy brains developed not while we were lounging around but while we were working out.  

In 2015 I’m going to focus on brain-related non-fiction (bear with me). Partly because I get asked over and over again which ‘brain books’ I recommend, and partly because I have a stack beside my bed (well, a list in my kindle beside my bed) of neuro-mind-brain related reading to get through.

So …. first up, a book I’ve already read but ALWAYS recommend….

Brain Rules by Dr John Medina.

In Brain Rules, Dr. John Medina, a molecular biologist, shares his lifelong interest in how the brain sciences might influence the way we teach our children and the way we work. In each chapter, he describes a brain rule—what scientists know for sure about how our brains work—and then offers transformative ideas for our daily lives.

Medina’s fascinating stories and infectious sense of humor breathe life into brain science. You’ll learn why Michael Jordan was no good at baseball. You’ll peer over a surgeon’s shoulder as he proves that most of us have a Jennifer Aniston neuron. You’ll meet a boy who has an amazing memory for music but can’t tie his own shoes.

I love John’s work, because he keeps it simple, light and ‘everyday’ (and round here we LOVE everyday neuroscience!!). But I especially like his reason for writing the book in the first place — because he is a ‘grumpy scientist’. In his own words,

“I am a nice guy, but I am a grumpy scientist. For a study to appear in this book, it has to pass what some call the MGF: the Medina Grump Factor. That means the supporting research for each of my points must first be published in a peer-reviewed journal then successfully replicated.”

Evidence-based neuroscience advice. Makes me happy.

John Medina’s 12 Brain Rules

Here is a summary of his 12 brain rules (and note since he first published this book he’s added in music (I concur!!) and combined the short and long term memory chapters into one).

After you read a chapter, reinforce the main points through illustrations, charts and video by clicking on the link!!

Evolution SURVIVAL: The human brain evolved, too.

Exercise EXERCISE: Exercise boosts brain power.

sleep SLEEP: Sleep well, think well.

stress STRESS: Stressed brains don’t learn the same way.

wiring WIRING: Every brain is wired differently.

attention ATTENTION: We don’t pay attention to boring things.

shortterm MEMORY: Repeat to remember.

multisensory SENSORY INTEGRATION: Stimulate more of the senses.

vision VISION: Vision trumps all other senses.

music  MUSIC: Study or listen to boost cognition.

gender GENDER: Male and female brains are different.

exploration EXPLORATION: We are powerful and natural explorers.

What happens after I read Brain Rules?

Go walking with your book club!!  It is that simple. Follow your usual routine of chat about the book (and the rest of your day-to-day lives … because, let’s be honest, that what we’re in book clubs for) … but walk while you talk. 

If you need a reminder of the philosophy behind The Walking Book Club you can read more here….

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