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Green time for your brain

With thanks to www.uksmobility.co.uk for this graphic.

Imagine this: mental imagery strengthens neural circuits.

Imagine this: thinking about exercise strengthens your muscles, even if you don’t move an inch. Mental imagery not ...

This is the one daily habit that will protect your mental health.

This is the one daily habit that will protect your mental health. Today's article comes from Max Jacobs, ...

5 ways to improve your body-mind connection

Did you know that the chit chat between mind and body goes two ways? Your body is an ...
30 minutes exercise, half a spin class, promotes neuroplasticity

30 minutes cycling (equivalent to half a spin class) promotes brain plasticity

Don't have time to exercise? Remember the blog post I wrote about Tony Abbott, Barak Obama and Richard ...
brain exercise happiness mood neurotransmitter hormone [infographic]

The neuroscience of how exercise makes you happy [infographic]

Thanks to HealthCentral for this lovely infographic.  
Grandpa Joe centenarian blue zones lessons

How to become a centenarian – 9 lessons from the people who’ve lived the longest.

Late last year in my Meet the Neuroscientists interview series, I spoke to Charlene Levitan who studies centenarians ...
Michelle Barack Obama exercise brain health

What the Obamas, Tony Abbott and Richard Branson teach us about brain health

Tony Abbott, Australia's Prime Minister, turned to me on a beach in August last year and said "Are ...

Breast cancer survivor? Reduce your risk of recurrence in just 2 hours a week.

Last October, one of my favourite clients whisked me off to a Cancer Australia Pink Ribbon Breakfast.  This ...

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9 Daily Habits of Highly Healthy Brains

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