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Alzheimer’s disease

Is your brain safe from sugar?

Back in 2013 (when this post was first published), it was quite fashionable to 'quit sugar'.  Health and ...
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The coffee drinker’s guide to better brain health

Two early-morning long blacks. A lunchtime flat white (especially if I'm near a cafe). And sometimes a sneaky ...

10 science-based steps to reduce your risk of dementia

By Dr Kate Gregorevic, Geriatrician, Writer and Founder of Projet ThreeSixFive. Dementia has now overtaken cancer as the ...

Your life’s purpose. Why finding your passion is essential to maintaining brain health.

I've been writing this brain health blog since 2013, and it has changed my life and my career ...

Busy brains build resilience to ageing. (Part 6 of Your Brain at 100)

This is part 6 of a series of lessons in brain health from our elders — those folk ...

Is Alzheimer’s disease a women’s health problem? (Part 5 of Your Brain at 100).

This is part 5 of a series of lessons in brain health from our elders — those folk ...

Dealing with dementia. Everything you need to know [Infographic].

Please include attribution to encorecarehomes.co.uk with this graphic.

How to walk away from Alzheimer’s disease

10,000 steps. That is the magic number of steps we should walk every day to improve our physical ...
Global impact statistics dementia Alzheimer's disease info graphic

Global impact of dementia 2013-2050 [infographic]

Infographic thanks to Alzheimer's Disease International (2013) .
Who is at risk from dementia?

Who is most at risk of dementia?

I'm having a busy week writing  information booklets for the friends and family of people with schizophrenia.  I've ...

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