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Does CBT teach your prefrontal cortex to keep emotions in check?

Does CBT Teach Your Prefrontal Cortex To Keep Emotions In Check? In 2014, science journalist Emily Anthes wrote ...

The uncertain brain. A guide to facing the fear of the unknown.

Click here to download a PDF of this article “…in these uncertain and unprecedented times…” How often have ...

Why women live longer than men (Part 4 of Your Brain at 100).

All over the world, women live longer than men. In Australia in 2016, the median age at death ...
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7 principles of neuroscience every coach and therapist should know

What does neuroscience have to do with coaching and therapy? Short answer: it can provide a unique lens ...

These are the 13 neuroscience blogs and podcasts you need to follow in 2016.

Neuroscience is seductive. We have studies proving that the presence of irrelevant neuroscience information makes explanations of psychological phenomena ...

Deep sleep strengthens long-term immune system memory

Sleep. That under-appreciated and under-consumed daily nightly activity that takes up nearly one third of our lives has a new-found ...
Your pain is in fact produced in your head and it will produce it more readily and more intensely if you have what you think is clear evidence that something is wrong

No brain, no pain: it’s in the mind

With thanks to The Conversation for publishing this fascinating article by Prof Moseley (and their creative commons license ...

Imagine the human brain was the size of the earth … [infographic]

› With BIG thanks to EyeWire and Visually.  
How memory works forgetting and improvement inforgraphic

The neuroscience of how your memory works and how to improve it [infographic]

Our memories give us our sense of self and make us who we are. Here's a look at ...

21 top brain blogs to inform and inspire you

I've packaged up of some of my favourite brain, mind and neuroscience blogs on the internet. These bloggers ...

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The 9 Habits of Highly Healthy Brains

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