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30 minutes exercise, half a spin class, promotes neuroplasticity

30 minutes cycling (equivalent to half a spin class) promotes brain plasticity

Don't have time to exercise? Remember the blog post I wrote about Tony Abbott, Barak Obama and Richard ...
Brain Immune communication expert neuroscientist Dr Mark Hutchinson

Brain-immune communication: meet the expert Dr Mark Hutchinson.

Meet Dr Mark Hutchinson. Mark's research focus is 'the other brain' and immune-to-brain and brain-to-immune communication. Mark is an Australian Research ...
brain neuroscience chronic pain info graphic

The neuroscience of how chronic pain rewires your brain [infographic]

from Thanks to totalinjury.com for this informative infographic
Immune Brain Connection

Addiction and the brain: how the immune system takes over

Dr Mark  Hutchinson is an Associate Professor and Senior Australian Research Council Research Fellow in the School of ...
meditation mindfulness changes the brain

27 minutes of mindfulness meditation a day changes brain structure

I confess that I’m struggling with my new meditation practice. I've diagnosed myself with a severe case of monkey-mind. ...
The neuroscience of meditation

I’m starting today – meditation, mindfulness and mind-emptiness

The Buddhist connection is one reason Mindfulness is so popular. Image from shutterstock.com It'll make you a better ...
sugar glucose levels diabetes dementia Alzheimer's disease

Is your brain safe from sugar?

Did you quit sugar yet? I haven't... I try to limit refined, processed junk, and follow a Mediterranean diet, ...
diamond python amygdala anxiety brain fear

Snakes, fear, and my primal brain

It was a hot hot Friday afternoon three weeks ago when I stepped out my front door to ...
Friends and socialising

How your friends reduce your risk of dementia.

The days are long, but the years are short. I repeated that mantra to myself many afternoons when ...
gut brain link connection probiotics microbes

One billion reasons probiotics protect your brain

Bacteroides species are some of the most common bacteria in the human gut.   I’ve been making my ...

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