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Mental Health

Antidepressants may be no better than a placebo, so why take them?

The placebo effect, the power of belief, and the mind-body relationship is fascinating. In fact, a desire to understand ...
30 minutes exercise, half a spin class, promotes neuroplasticity

30 minutes cycling (equivalent to half a spin class) promotes brain plasticity

Don't have time to exercise? Remember the blog post I wrote about Tony Abbott, Barak Obama and Richard ...
Why your season of birth affects your mood

Season of your birth affects your mood in later life

I'm turning 40 early in the new year and planning to celebrate fearlessly and fabulously with a mid-summer ...
mental heath risk smoking

Mental health problems reduce life expectancy more than smoking

In the UK, one in four people will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course ...

This is your brain on knitting

I'm super excited to share this new art-science initiative that I've helped get up and running here in ...
brain exercise happiness mood neurotransmitter hormone [infographic]

The neuroscience of how exercise makes you happy [infographic]

Thanks to HealthCentral for this lovely infographic.  
Immune Brain Connection

Addiction and the brain: how the immune system takes over

Dr Mark  Hutchinson is an Associate Professor and Senior Australian Research Council Research Fellow in the School of ...
gut brain link connection probiotics microbes

One billion reasons probiotics protect your brain

Bacteroides species are some of the most common bacteria in the human gut.   I’ve been making my ...

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